In Februarinjured at worky of 2012 a southern Illinois warehouse employee in his mid-20’s was injured at work when his knee popped and snapped while stepping off a forklift.  His injury required surgery, which unfortunately did not take and resulted in a second and ultimately a third surgery due to infection.  The man had permanent physical restrictions and limitations due to the injury, and was off work and required medical treatment for nearly two years after the fall.  The injured worker came to Carolyn Caruthers of Sauter Sullivan, who took his Worker’s Compensation case and filed a claim on his behalf.  There were numerous fights and complications along the way with regard to approving medical treatment, and payment for time off work, but due to Caruthers’ hard work and persistence with negotiations, her client was compensated for his time off work and all of his medical expenses, and received a settlement of $98,600 for his injuries.