involved in a head-on collisionA 43-year-old Express Scripts employee and father of four was injured in a rear-end collision heading westbound in backed up traffic on Interstate 70 just outside of downtown St. Louis. The man went to the ER and followed up with a chiropractor for treatment of the injuries he sustained.  Ten months after finishing treatment with the chiropractor, he was still suffering with neck and shoulder problems.  He went back to the chiropractor for additional care.  The chiropractor then referred him to an orthopedic surgeon for injections in his neck and left shoulder.  The treatments left the man with medical bills totaling just over $31,000.00.

The other driver’s insurance company refused to take responsibility for the client’s injuries arguing that since there was very little damage to either car involved in the collision, the man’s injuries could not be that serious.  The gentleman hired Christopher Geldmacher of Sauter Sullivan to represent him with regard to his injuries and fight the insurance company.  Initially, the insurance company was only offering just over $12,000.00…only enough to cover about a third of the victim’s medical bills due to the accident.

Mr. Geldmacher filed suit and fought to get his client a fair resolution of his claim.  Just before the trial, the insurance company raised its offer to $21,000.00, still well short of the medical expenses.  Mr. Geldmacher took the gentleman’s case to a jury trial in the City of St. Louis.  At trial, the insurance company once again argued that the light damage to the vehicles involved meant that this man’s injuries could not have been as severe as the doctors were saying.  The jury did not agree.  Instead, the jury awarded Mr. Geldmacher’s client $75,000.00.