A 54 year old laborer came to the Sauter Sullivan law firm with a premises liability case that involved personal injury. The man had significantly injured his knee in a slip and fall accident caused by a puddle of water on the floor of a rest room in a hospital in St. Louis, Missouri.

The leak and water problem had been reported to the hospital prior to the client’s fall, but the hospital had failed to post a warning of the danger, and had not cleaned up the water or repaired the leak. The man did not have insurance to cover the medical expenses associated with his injury, and thus was unable to get medical treatment. He went almost 6 months after the slip and fall incident without getting proper medical treatment. The pain became too much to bear, and he finally sought the help of Carolyn Caruthers, one of the personal injury attorneys at Sauter Sullivan. Caruthers helped the client set up a claim to get the necessary medical treatment, at which time his injury was finally diagnosed as a torn meniscus, and he underwent surgery to treat the problem. He also required ongoing post-operative treatments and physical therapy, all the while adding to his medical expenses. Sauter Sullivan helped the client get the necessary medical treatment, and negotiated a $50,000 settlement on the premises liability claim with the hospital where the fall occurred.