chiropractic careIn April 2014, a young couple was stopped in traffic in St. Claire County, IL when they were rear-ended and then pushed into the vehicle in front of them.  Both were taken by EMS to the ER, were treated for neck and back sprains and strains, and required follow up chiropractic care for several months after the car crash.  The man wasn’t able to return to work right away after the accident and his employer filled his position in his absence, offering him an alternate position that paid much less and caused him  a substantial loss of wages.  Carolyn Caruthers of the Sauter Sullivan law firm took the case and immediately filed a claim on behalf of her clients.   Caruthers was able to negotiate a settlement of $20,000 for the woman and $30,000 for the man, a total settlement of $50,000 for the couple.