Matthew J. Sauter of Sauter Sullivan LLC took on the representation of a medical professional who claimed he could no longer work due to a serious hip problem. The condition was a work related injury that required surgery and the implant of a replacement hip. Further, the patient suffered from depression.

Sauter Sullivan’s client had a disability policy that would pay him monthly benefits if he could not work in his chosen profession, but he was denied benefits under the insurance company’s policy. That’s when Matt Sauter was hired by the plaintiff to fight for his rights under the policy. Matt filed a lawsuit on behalf of the client and used the firm’s extensive resources to conduct extensive discovery, including the hiring of experts, the depositions of the client’s treating physicians, as well as medical record collection and review. Sauter Sullivan also took several depositions of the insurance company representatives. The attorneys for the insurance company filed a motion for a Summary Judgment, which the court denied. Shortly before the case was headed to a jury trial, Sauter Sullivan reached a settlement of $450,000 in this on-the-job-injury case.