hit and runA mother and her two children were involved in a head-on collision with a driver that fled the scene of the car accident in north St. Louis County.  All three victims suffered from neck and back strains and sprain injuries, and the younger son also had complaints of headaches and was diagnosed with post-accident concussions.  In addition to the injuries, the mother’s vehicle was un-drivable and was rendered a total loss from the crash.  Unfortunately, the value of the vehicle was less than the outstanding loan balance and the substantial negotiations were needed to resolve the total loss claim.  In the meantime, the medical bills were piling up and the family had transportation problems getting to and from work and school since they were without their car.  The mother went to Carolyn Caruthers at Sauter Sullivan for help.  Caruthers fought with the insurance company, worked out the issues with the property damage total loss claim, and reached settlements on all three injury claims.   Carolyn was able negotiate $10,000 for the vehicle replacement along with and compensation totaling $44,000 for the family’s injury claims from the hit and run.