underinsured motorist benefitsOur client was involved in a bad accident, when a vehicle turned in front of her.  She injured both of her knees and sustained a concussion.  She also had a fairly substantial loss of income because she could not work in her professional career for several months after the accident.  She had therapy and injections on her knee, but never needed surgery.  Sauter Sullivan was able to obtain a $100,000 settlement on the at fault party’s liability insurance.  Matthew Sauter of Sauter Sullivan then proceeded against the underinsured motorist company, who offered $5,000 prior to litigation.  Matthew Sauter filed suit on behalf of our client and developed the facts of the accident, the medical evidence, and the wage loss through expert testimony and deposition.  The underinsured motorist insurance company ultimately paid $250,000 in underinsured motorist benefits at a mediation of the case shortly before trial.