Attorney Christopher Geldmacher of Sauter Sullivan, represented a 48 year old business owner from Barnhart, Missouri who was the passenger in a vehicle struck by a 17 year old negligent driver in North St. Louis County.  The client went to the ER, and then followed up with a chiropractor.  The chiropractor ordered an MRI that revealed disc herniations and stenosis in both the cervical and lumbar spine. The client was then referred to an orthopedic spine surgeon. The surgeon found the client was a candidate for surgery in both his neck and lower back, but the surgeon and client agreed to try non-operative treatment first.  The client went to a pain management specialist and physical therapy to try to avoid the need for surgery.  The non-operative treatment helped the client but did not resolve the problems.  The client returned to the surgeon, who told him surgery was the only remaining alternative to help his pain.

Since the client hadn’t had surgery yet, the insurance company for the negligent driver didn’t want to consider the cost of the surgery in negotiations. So, Mr. Geldmacher filed suit on behalf of his client.  Shortly after filing suit, the insurance company approached Chris about mediating the case.   At the mediation, Chris was able to negotiate a settlement that considers his client’s future need for surgery and earned his client a $250,000 settlement.