policy limit settlementA 6-year-old girl was in the back seat of her mother’s vehicle when they were involved in a rear-end collision on Skinker Blvd in St. Louis City.  The little girl’s seat belt pulled loose upon impact and the girl was thrown forward into the console of the front seat where she was struck in the face by the front seat airbag.  The little girl was taken to the hospital suffering a serious eye injury.  Due to increased pressure in her eye, emergency surgery was performed.  The young victim still has no vision in her left eye, and additional surgery may be required, but her visual impairment could be permanent.  The driver who caused the accident did not have any insurance, so Carolyn Caruthers investigated and located a policy providing uninsured motorist coverage to the girl.  Caruthers filed a claim on behalf of her client against the uninsured motorist coverage under her grandmother’s policy, as the little girl was a resident relative.  Within weeks of the accident and injury, Carolyn negotiated a policy limit settlement of $25,000 for her client.