slip and fall accidentIn September 2012, a young woman on disability due to congestive heart failure and other medical problems was at a local St. Louis Hospital undergoing treatment.  During her stay at the hospital, she had a slip and fall accident caused by some water on the floor in the hallway.  The fall caused the woman head and leg pain which was treated at the ER and required followed up chiropractic treatment.   She incurred medical bills and expenses from her fall.  She initially set up a claim with the hospital on her own and her claim was denied as the hospital did not believe they were responsible for her fall or injuries.    Not sure what to do, she came to Carolyn Caruthers at the Sauter Sullivan law firm looking for help.  Carolyn took her case and immediately filed suit against the hospital. Carolyn was able to work with the legal team on behalf of the hospital, get them to accept liability and negotiated an early settlement of $15,000 for her client, without having to proceed with extensive litigation, depositions and trial.