accident on a school busA 17 year old student was injured in a accident on a school bus when the bus he was riding in was cut off by a car, causing the bus to runoff the road and hit a tree.  The impact of the bus accident threw the student from his seat and he suffered from neck and back strains which required medical attention.

Prior to obtaining legal counsel, the school bus and their insurance company offered the student a mere $5,000, which wouldn’t even cover all the medical expenses accrued from the accident on a school bus.   Carolyn Caruthers of the Sauter Sullivan law firm took the case and quickly went to bat for her client.   After some investigation, the Sauter Sullivan team was able to both re-negotiate the claim with the bus’ insurance carrier and was also able to locate additional insurance coverage and ended up getting her client  a settlement of $15,000, three times the insurance company’s offer made prior to retaining counsel.