Attorney Christopher Geldmacher of Sauter Sullivan, represented a 47 year old woman from South St. Louis who rear-ended at the Ballas Road exit from I-64/40 west.  The woman was stopped and waiting for traffic to clear so she could turn right when an inattentive driver struck her from behind.  The woman required chiropractic care after the accident and as her issues persisted, her chiropractor referred her for an MRI.   The MRI revealed a congenital condition in her neck that was aggravated by the collision.  The woman went to see a spine surgeon who told her that she  was a candidate for spine surgery.  However, he recommended she try non-surgical options first, before making a decision to have surgery.  She was referred to a pain management specialist who tried various options before finding one that worked. Thankfully, she was able to avoid surgery.

The woman hired Christopher Geldmacher to represent her. He filed a claim on her behalf against the at fault driver’s insurance company.    After making sure that his client received all of the treatment that she required, Mr. Geldmacher negotiated a settlement of for her which totaled $102,000.