Sauter Sullivan handles a variety of car accident and personal injury cases, and they come in all sizes. In addition to large claims, we also handle of lot of smaller, everyday cases …but we know they aren’t small or “everyday” to you…and we handle them as thoroughly and as quickly as we possibly can for you. We’ve found that sometimes people are hesitant to bring us their smaller claims, thinking we won’t want to bother with it, assuming we only handle big cases. That simply isn’t true. Sauter Sullivan is here to help, no matter what your case’s settlement potential, whether it’s one or two thousand or millions of dollars, you’ll get the same respect and outstanding service from us. We will work hard for you.

The attorneys at Sauter Sullivan help people who have been injured in an accident where someone else may be responsible. We get our clients through referrals, so we do our best to help everyone who comes to us. When we do a good job, our clients tell their friends, family and associates about us, so if we can help you, we will.

If you have a potential personal injury or premises liability case, no matter how small you think it might be, don’t be afraid to call. Speak to one of our experienced attorneys for free and together we can decide the best action moving forward. Not only will Sauter Sullivan work hard to get the compensation you deserve, we will get your case resolved as fast as possible, many times in as little as 30-60 days after completion of treatment.

Contact Us today, it won’t cost you anything to call and find out more.