Case: Workers Compensation

Attorney: Christopher Geldmacher

Client: Regina (“Gia”) Whitfield


“I was working at a company where they helped people with behavioral problems. A patient got out of control and beat me up…it was bad. I was afraid to come home where people would see me I looked so bad. The company did what they had to do for my Workers Compensation claim, but that was about it. I needed help. My girlfriend told me about Mr. Geldmacher because he had helped her, and from the moment I met him, I had good vibes about him. He was down to earth and honest. He told me what to expect, and what not to expect…he gave me the facts…whether I liked them or not. I liked that. He helped me get through all the Workers Comp paperwork and he fought for me. That’s what makes me like him because he fought for me, and I feel like I got what I deserved. I’ve dealt with lawyers before and had so many disappointments in life, but Attorney Christopher is the real deal! We have a good rapport and a friendship…and I like him. I respect him. I just sent someone to talk to him about a problem they’re having, because I trust him, and I know he’ll do everything he can to help my friend. He’ll tell ‘em straight.”