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Brain Damage Attorney St. Louis Medical malpractice, auto accidents, truck accidents, contact sports, extreme sports, and any number of other situations can lead to brain injuries or brain damage. The brain is incredibly complex, and even seemingly subtle damage or injuries can have devastating effects. The Attorneys at Sauter Sullivan have the expertise you need to prevail in cases involving brain injury or brain damage. We have the courtroom experience, knowledge and depth of resources to accurately present your case at trial, including highly qualified expert witnesses who can present the technical details of your case to a judge and jury, supporting the validity and impact of a brain injury claim.

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  • $5.2 Million Settlement in Delivery Van Accident Case

    Auto Accident Attorney Sauter SullivanIn July of 2011, a mother was stopped at a traffic light with her 9 year old son and 11 year old daughter on Illinois route 15 in Belleville, Illinois. The driver of a commercial delivery van / truck was using his cellular phone instead of paying attention and slammed into the back of the woman’s car at almost 50 miles per hour! Witnesses said the impact was so tremendous that it sounded like a bomb going off.


  • $125,000 Settlement for Man Who Suffered Stroke after Head-On Collision

    In January 2013, a high school principal and father was driving in south St. Louis City when another driver coming from the opposite direction tried to make a left hand turn in front of him, causing a head-on collision.  The client initially went to the ER for complaints of neck and back pain, and then started chiropractic treatment.  Then, a few days after the car accident he suffered a stroke, which required a lengthy hospitalization, and extensive treatment and therapy.  While the injuries and treatment from the car accident itself were not very substantial,  the injuries resulting from the stroke were quite extensive, requiring over a year of therapy and causing the man to miss over 6 months of work.

    There were many intricate questions about whether the stroke was causally related to the car accident as the client had pre-existing risk factors that could have resulted in the stroke.  The gentleman came to the Sauter Sullivan law firm for help.  Carolyn Caruthers listened to the man’s story, took the case and worked hard to ensure her client got the compensation he deserved.  Claims were made with the other driver’s insurance company as well as the clients for underinsured motorist coverage.  Caruthers consulted with medical experts and fought through a protracted investigation on the causal connection between the car accident and the subsequent stroke.  In the end, Caruthers was able to gain two policy limits settlements for her client totaling $125,000.